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  • Law of Attraction

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    "I Am Happy to attract to me right now, every atom in this Universe vibrates such a change in my body and change in the bodies of those around me, and change in what I’m going to read about tomorrow, and change how I’m going to make choices from my mind and my body tonight, tomorrow."

  • Prayer of a Bodhisattva

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    Mafu guides beautiful prayer of the Bodhisattva

  • Star Diamond Kundalini Meditation

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    "Think of a Star, a glowing orb in the sky...  Condensed Power.  I want you to know that this light enters you...  becomes what I Am."

    In this powerful guided meditation initiation, Mafu chants ancient sounds of Enlightenment and guides a transcendent Kundalini Medit...

  • Swimming to Capri

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    In this hilarious and deeply moving story, Mafu tells of his lifetime when he carried his Master on his back for three days swimming to the island of Capri. Mafu examines the deep and profound love between a master and disciple, and the hardships that sometimes must be endured by the seeker in o...